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Bruce & Vicki Waasdorp's
American Pottery Auction

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Congratulations on a successful auction and thanks for your help and the service you've provided. I'm very pleased with your results.

Hi Bruce & Vicki:  Thanks for a great packing job and we love the crock.  I will be shipping the box back after I get a chance to photo some items that you may like for one of your auctions.

Best regards...

Dear Bruce and Vicki, Thank you for your prompt response in sending my purchase of lot 104. Packaging was great and I am very pleased with your service and my purchase. Your description was as advertised and I am pleased that you shipped on a Monday so that I would receive it midweek. Thank you for your continued trust and I look forward to dealing with you again. It has been a very pleasurable experience. Thank you,
Dear Vicki,

I just want to compliment you on your superior website which, in contrast to many others, is so easy to navigate and the necessary information is concise and clear


Dear Bruce and Vicki,
My purchase arrived today in perfect condition.  I'm very pleased with it. 
I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Best regards,
Hi there!
Our cake crock arrived today and we just love it!  We have another one that is almost identical and we are pleased to have 2. The packing was wonderful and we had much better luck with you than we did at the York, PA stoneware auction a couple weeks ago-and we were there for that one! If you have any trouble with the high bidder on the lidded cake crock, please let me know. We wanted to bid on that too but the bids went crazy so we didn't. Thanks again! We will be watching for your next auction!
New Sharon, Maine 
Just wanted to let you both know how pleased we are with the F.T. Wright bird crock we won in the latest auction. It truly is a very appealing piece. As usual, we were very happy with this auction. Thanks for doing such a great job. We are sooo exited! Thank you for all you do to make life fun for us!! Be Blessed. I would like to compliment you and Vicki for a beautifully run auction, attention to detail, fast invoices and even faster delivery.  My jugs arrived on Monday safe and sound and beautifully packed for shipping.  I have placed bids at other auctions on the East Coast - as a displaced Yankee from Massachusetts - and your auction was a real pleasure.
I received lot #70 in the mail yesterday and everything was fine - just as advertised. Thanks for another well-run auction and congratulations on the results for the two big hitters. Hi Vicki and Bruce,  

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know we received our jug yesterday.  It's beautiful.  Our first "critter".  We have a few pieces with birds and lots with flowers and now we have a rabbit.   Enjoyed the auction, as usual.  Thanks for the fast, safe shipping.  Take care!

I was very excited to see UPS at the door, just received my first
piece from you and love it :)
I enjoyed the auction and look forward to the next one. Sincerely,
We are proud to a part of many reference guides in regards to stoneware. Below is a listing of a few of the guides in which we are featured.

Price Guide to American Country Antiques
, Don & Carol Raycraft.
Wallace Homestead Price Guide, American Stoneware, Don & Carol Raycraft.
Antique Trader Books, Country Americana Price Guide, Kyle Husfloen
Warman's American Pottery & Porcelain, by Susan & Al Bagdade
Pictorial Price Guide to American Antiques, by Dorothy Hammond

Currently featured in FIND Magazine and This Old House Magazine.

I would like to thank you for helping me with the sale of my crock. I was so impressed with your auction, if i have anything else that I feel would do good at your auction I will be in contact. I received the check this week, again thanks.
Otto, NC
Just a note of thanks for letting me participate in the Sept. auction. This was my first experience with any kind of on-line auction. Your efforts and determination in running such a first class operation have truly "paid off " for us. South Carolina
This is one of the best and most user-friendly websites I have ever had the pleasure to use. Kudos to the designer!

Dear Bruce & Vicki,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my jar (Lot #71) yesterday and it arrived safe and sound.  I love it!  And the unidentified brown drizzle that was running down the back came off with a litte "Goof-off" and a q-tip.  So it's now all spiffed up and has a place of honor in my living room.  Thanks for making the auction process easy and painless for a novice like me.  I'm already looking forward to November!
Best Wishes,
a new & enthusiastic customer!
Thank you so much for the great transaction!!! I can't believe I
received my stoneware pieces already ; )


Dear Bruce, I received the redware inkwell today and I absolutely love it. It's much better than I imagined...I have to commend you and your lovely wife on such a professional and efficient operation.

Many thanks...Sept 05.

Hi Bruce and Vicky
We just wanted to let you know how incredibly blown away we are with the results of the auction.  In our wildest dreams we never thought we would do so well.  We owe you a debt of gratitude for your expertise and for recognizing the quality of our crock.  Thank you for sending the crock out to be restored and for helping us add to our retirement account.  We sure can use it.

Already looking forward to November's auction......

everything arrived in splendid condition...packed marvelously...many thanks. 

Hi Bruce and Vicki

Just wanted to let you know that I received lot #31 yesterday and it's a beauty. I appreciate the fast shipment and the secure packing. Sounds like eBay feedback!! :-)

Looking forward to your next auction in November.

Thanks again.

Thank you for another wonderful sale! I am always thrilled I was able to add a nice piece to our collection. CW, Dallas

March 2005


Thank you Vicki and Bruce for handling the sale of our stoneware crock. We received our check and again we appreciate your professional and timely manner in which you conduct business. Extremely trustworthy and quality so important.

We will keep in touch and congratulations on your efforts one more time.

Sincerely, J & J

Hello Bruce & Vicki,

Here is payment for lots...Thank you so much for doing all this work in this auction. I can't believ3 we got all three I bid on-Thanks again it's so nice to do business with you!


Hello Bruce and Vicki,

The catalog just arrived. You have certainly done a wonderful job of enhancing this publication! The color photos on each page are a nice touch.

Thank you very much for all you do for us out here in the boon docks.

Regards, D W

Dear Bruce and Vicki,
  Many thanks for your kind and efficient assistance in helping us market it. The catalog was beautifully done...what an array of great stoneware!
 All the best.
 C. G.
Dear B & V,

Am now anticipating the arrival of my purchase...and I enjoyed participating in your auction for the first time. I found even more nerve wracking than I live auction when there was something you just Had to have.

Will anxiously await your Sept auction.


Hi, Bruce and Vicki,
I just wanted to let you know that all of my wonderful pottery arrived safe and sound (last Thursday--sorry I didn't write sooner) and I love everything!
I can't wait for the next auction!!
Take good care. (
We were just sitting here talking about, and looking at, our new "Waasdorp" ovoid jug that we received last week (#32, I Seymour 3 gal jug ) and reflecting on how comfortable we are dealing with you.  Of course we were disappointed that we missed two other jugs, but such is bidding.
Your descriptions are extremely accurate, the packing excellent for this large 17" jug and the shipping prompt. 
It just seemed appropriate to send you a note and say thank you. 
Sincerely, J & S , Meadow Vista California
"Dear Bruce & Vicki,
 I was very surprised and pleased when a check arrived for my old jug!! Thank You! I will ask friends if they have stoneware and if so-I'll pass on your address." Richard C.

Hi There,
Just wanted to let you know that items #198 and 360 arrived safely.  Very pleased with the condition (as described).  Look forward to your next auction.  JS

We got the stoneware and it arrived in great shape.  my husband said the bird nest crock is wonderful!  i like my apple basket crock, and will make a lamp out of the crock that is drilled already.  will be talking to you in the fall, thanks again
Thank you Bruce and Vicki. Your web site gets better every auction! Talk to you in March, AK "Thanks! One of these days I'm going to get a crock...I'm happy with my teapot!" Texas

Dear Vicki and Bruce,

I'm delighted!

Thank you for your help on the phone-especially during the last minute crunch.


Hi B & V, Can't believe I won this little cutie! This is way more fun than investing in the stock market! Bruce & Vicki,

Good JOB!! We were very pleased with the results in your recent auction indeed!

The good goods went well, even a surprise or two.

We'll stay on the hunt for more prime material and definitely praise your auction to fellow dealers/collectors!


Bruce: Looks like decorated stoneware has finally come into it's own with these prices! Thanks, NJ
Dear Bruce & Vicki, 
 I am really excited about my new jug and can hardly wait for it's arrival. BD


Many thanks, it was fun & I'm happy I got something!


Dear Vicki and Bruce,

I just wanted to Thank You for the awesome job that you did on promoting the Cowden & Wilcox Man in the Moon Preserve Jar for me in your last auction......I was quite surprised and happy with the final bid!

Thanks Again,
Bruce thanks for another great auction. L.W
Dear Bruce & Vicki:

Thanks so much for all the fun we have had with your auction. While we had read about it in several books, this was our first effort. it was informative and lots and lots of fun. What a superb collection of stoneware. Excellent description, variety, etc. Looking forward to March! Thanks Again, LM

We received the three items we were successful in bidding on in your recent auction.  They are absolutely beautiful and they are exactly what we expected.  A nice addition to our collection.  We look forward to your fall auction. I got your E-mail. Looking forward to seeing some new and exciting stuff! You folks always do a great job on the catalog, it's a joy to read and a easy format to follow. Talk to you soon.
Everything looks good! We enjoyed it and look forward to your next auction.


Hi Bruce

Just E-mailing you to let you know that we are very, very happy with the crock

we bought from you! You were right -We wouldn't be disappointed in it. It has

become one of our favorites. Wish to thank you again!


Our three pieces of stoneware arrived in good shape today.  We are certainly pleased with them.  The "starface" crock adds a big boost to our collection.  Looking
 forward to future auctions
"Thank you very much for realizing such a great price for my stoneware. The pieces were wonderful and I shall miss them. It was a pleasure doing business with you" Camden NY Thank you (and Vicki) for being so helpful. Seattle, WA

"Dear Bruce & Vicki,

Thanks for all your assistance in putting together the beginnings of a nice stoneware collection."

New York City

"Thanks again for great Pottery, Prices, and fun!!"  McLean, Virginia 
"Thanks for some great stoneware & terrific Fun!"

Ellen, Virginia

"It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one.",
 West Virginia
"I thought I would just drop a line to say hello and to once again say well done. Another exciting stoneware event. I can't tell you how much I look forward to each one.", Rhode Island

Can't wait for the next one!

"Thanks so much for you help. Look forward to receiving pottery and doing business with you again." Christine W. Ohio
"Thank you Bruce & Vicki, again you conducted another great auction. I'm really looking forward to receiving my lot. ...looking forward to your spring auction." Carl, Indiana  Just a note to thank you for a great auction of such top quality stoneware.
 Also, for your patience & expertise during my bidding. My 1st auction with you! and I look forward to the next!
 Thanks again, JK
"I must say, in all candor, that I've seen few sites among the many hundreds that I visit that show such a spectacular array of quality stoneware as yours. I had to finally leave the site before my drool completely flooded my keyboard. Congratulations on a gorgeous site...", Jack
"Your site is excellent! I liked enlarging the photos that you have inserted. My wife could not believe how great they looked on our monitor.", Ont, Canada
As a novice collector I truly appreciate your posting information such as fake/reproductions. I encourage you to keep it up and look forward to future postings and any information you might provide that will help to educate me> Thanks...and again, keep up the good work!
"As you know, yours is the first specialty auction we've participated in. IT was a lot of fun. You were extremely cordial, patient and helpful and I am particularly appreciative of that. We look forward to your next offering."

I am a first time viewer of your auction, a 37 year antique dealer, but I had to let you know how impressed I am of your operation. Although I didn't participate in this auction, I wanted to observe first, but I look forward to your next auction...Mike C

"Thank you for the fun
 and excitement of another
 Stoneware Auction.
 We got the "POT" :O)
 and love it! Thanks
 again.", Barb and Chip

Dear Bruce and Vicki,

By international express today I sent to you USD 25 for a catalogue  return by air mail - could you please eMAIL me when it's in the mail ! Thanks - and yours are still the best photos on the web ! I collect 19 th century Australian pottery but have a great love of US stoneware ! thought you may like a couple of photos of Australian 19th century pottery - a shaving pot , decorative bread plate and a cheese dish ! Looking forward to the catalogue.
Regards, Greg J. (Australia)

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